What is Advisory?

Advisory provides a space and structure for teachers to support middle school students, both individually and as a group, as they develop their sense of self and identity in connection to their relationships with peers.

For new middle schoolers, consistency is key. While navigating a new building, and adjusting to a different schedule, students find comfort and consistency in Advisory.

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8th Grade Humanities

The 8th grade humanities team teaches the standards outlined by California Department of Education for language arts and social studies (United States History).

We put a big emphasis on project based learning. This allows for students to insert their voice and creativity into individual and group-based projects while learning and developing the skills needed to show mastery of the standards embedded in each project.

There are also a number of projects (such as our spoken word unit, colonial sales booth project, and pop-up toasts) that culminate in a perfomative presentation. We believe it is important for student to practice public speaking.

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All About Me

I grew up in the Bay Area (where I met my wife, Elizabeth) and moved up to Sacramento in 2003 to attend Sac State, which is where I earned my BA in liberal studies (the teaching major). I then went on to earn my teaching credential and MA in education at UC Davis. This is my 17th year as a teacher and my eighth year teaching middle school at Westlake Charter School.

Not only am I a Westlake staff member, I am also an Explorer parent. Both of my children are now Explorers! Grace is in 6th grade and Quinn is in 3rd grade.

I'm also a big baseball nerd. I'm a life-long Oakland Athletics fan. Both Grace and Quinn play softball and love it!

I've also been called a coffee and donut snob. My love for each sometimes borders on "obsessed."

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